The female generative journey

A path of female leadership

Leadership, creativity, and beauty

A creative dimension and a sense of beauty profoundly nourish the leadership of women.

Most of the time, however, these essential elements are sacrificed to a strongly directional element, focused only on the objectives, typical of traditional leadership.

During this transformational workshop, you will re-connect to the vital, creative, and aesthetic dimensions of your female leadership.

You will gain a systemic and generative understanding of your personal leadership journey toward a sense of wholeness and completion. You will develop new capacities that will support you as a creative woman in your most authentic endeavour and in your context.

This workshop is highly experiential and works on the concrete and burning challenges you are encountering on your female leadership journey

The workshop allows you to grow your self-leadership by tapping into new perspectives and connecting you to your own high purpose.

On an expanded horizon, you will discover access to deeper inner resources and unexpected capacities.

Become a truly generative female leader.

Integrate beauty into your leadership.

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This path is for you if:

  • are achieving success on the ladder of logic, efficiency, and hard work, but feel that you are also sacrificing your intuition, and your well-being
  • you do not fully identify with traditional leadership models and you are looking for new ways toward a more authentically feminine leadership
  • suffer from a sense of separation between your feminine dimension and your professional life, and feel the need for greater integration between your different roles
  • need to reconnect to your creative dimension, bring it into your work and infuse new vital lymph into your life
  • wonder about your own true impact in order to contribute in a unique way in your context
  • you feel a sense of dryness or emptiness in your professional role, but do not know where to look for new nourishment and inspiration

Let beauty surprise your leadership

The 5 thresholds of the female generative journey

This workshop focuses on providing you with experiential learning to cross the 5 thresholds

Longing and Belonging

Where is your place?

The Descent

What do you need to embrace?


What future is calling you from within?

The Ascent

What enacting will make the difference?


What is your generative female leadership?

What do you take home

A profound reconciliation

Discover the red thread that reconciles your leadership, your feminine energy, and your most authentic creativity.

The sense of your uniqueness

Carry out the original projects that are most meaningful to you in an aesthetic dimension and with greater agility.

High awareness

Your awareness as a female leader is the difference that makes the greatest difference.

Transformative practices

The practices to connect to the resources that can support you in daily challenges.

Practical tools

The self-leadership tools to cultivate your unique vision and to maintain a generative state to realize it.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.


“This course opens your eyes, body and soul to the deeper struggles that every female leader is facing. It makes you understand better the source of your challenges, and more importantly, it helps you find and mobilize your own resources to overcome your obstacles."

Anke Sieg, PhD, MBA, Early Commercial Strategy Lead, UCB Pharma

This workshop is perfect for women who are going through a significant life transition and are looking for purpose and meaning. You will understand better what you are going through and experience the joy of deep connections with other women who experience the same kind of transition. I highly recommended this in-depth and really original workshop. Alessandra is at the same time very competent and caring."

Christine Fisette, Follow your Bliss. Emotional Intelligence Coaching in Organizations

"I immensely enjoyed the workshop Generativa and the way Alessandra took us on a journey into female leadership. In a very generous and mild way, she shares her insights and experiences on the subject and invites the participants to explore their own leadership trajectories. The workshop is a beautiful, healing experience, a mix of theory and bodywork, poetry and other art forms. Personally, it helped me to understand my struggles in my carrier and to find ways to overcome them. I can recommend it fully!"

Katrien Wijns, Consultant, Aksident

Trainer and facilitator

Alessandra Satta

Founder of Fully Generative, Alessandra works as a trainer in the field of generative leadership, and as a facilitator of individual and group creative processes.

She holds a PhD in Physics and worked for more than a decade as a researcher in innovation. Since ever she has been in love with the beauty of Nature manifested in all forms, dimensions, and dynamics, always astonished by how Nature resolves complex challenges with an ever-surprising and generative sense of aesthetics.

A practitioner of Theory U, an advanced methodology for profound change and capacity-building at the individual and collective level, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, she is a certified generative coach and member of the International Association of Generative Change (IAGC).

Fascinated by archetypal psychology, which focuses on the soul-making process of our creativity, Alessandra is deeply inspired by the poetic work of Irish author John O' Donohue, who actively worked during his life on integrating a sense of soul and of beauty into leadership.

Her passion is to help people discover their true calling, supporting them in their creative potential and true leadership. She implements the most innovative practices and technologies for those who want to surmount the challenges in their generative endeavour.


Unfold your generative path

Discover the leadership thresholds where beauty awaits your gaze


Together, for 2 days and a half, we will cross the 5 thresholds of the female generative journey.


In-presence, highly interactive workshop

20 hrs of face-to-face exchanges and practices


16-18 June 2023


Institute of Neurocognitivism,

Avenue de Tervueren 81
1040 Brussels


Early Bird: 390 euros (before May 31)

Full price: 490 euros

For more information

+32 (0)476 961750