Grow your Generative Coaching Competencies.




With Rhythm, Resonance, and Repetition.


A disciplined flow

Generative Coaching is a process of disciplined flow

for awakening deep creativity.

These Professional Sessions are dedicated to practicing the Deep Structure:

1. Coach State and Intention

2. Acknowledge CRASH whenever it appears

3. Transform obstacles by integrating complementarities

4. Establish practices for a sustainable change

Timed sessions

Timed sessions of 35 min per coachee allow for uncovering a simple deep structure and staying connected to a river of unfolding consciousness during the process. Practicing this helps you get the model in your bones.

Fluid conversations

Practising open presence during individual sessions and in the plenary room is key to unfolding a creative process. You will practice and move in a feedback-sensitive and deeply connected supporting space.



Applies to Sessions Between January and August 2023. 

Offer ends on January 14, 2023.

Your professional practice session will include:

  • 2.5 hours of online gatherings, every month
  • A total of 8 sessions (20 hrs) of practice with a flexible plan
  • "Old" material revisited, new material included
  • A dedicated study group of generative coaches

Commit to a practice that makes your best better

Take your Generative Coaching skills to the next level.

Be part of a Generative Coaching practice community.

The Structure of the Meetings

The 3 key moments of a session

  • Teaching/revisiting
  • 70 min practice per pair of coaches
  • Generative sharing and conversation

We will cover:

  • Key aspects, methods, and prototypes of Generative Coaching
  • Practice on selected exercises and tools
  • Generative Sharing
  • Open Q&A

Your Practice Schedule in 2023

Dedicated to practising Generative State:

Session 1:  19 January

Session 2:  16 February

Session 3:  23 March

Session 4:  27 April

Dedicated to practising obstacles transformation and action:

Session 5:  25 May

Session 6:  22 June

Session 7:  13 July

Session 8:  31 August

Have us, Alessandra and Till, as a sounding board and guides

Alessandra and Till are both experienced trainers & coaches in Generative Change, authorized by the International Association of Generative Change (IAGC).

They are both highly committed to further spreading and developing Generative Work in the world.

Alessandra Satta, PhD


Till Neunhöffer, PhD


Plans for all Rhythms

We know everyone has a different rhythm and pace of practising.

Each plan is offering a diverse opportunity to revisit, refresh, engage, and discover more.

Single Session

If you want the highest flexibility to join the practice sessions, this option is for you. You can choose the date and the number of single sessions you would like to follow.

  • Customized schedule
  • Customized number of sessions as it suits you best


All taxes included where they apply.

5 Sessions

Practice regularly but at your own rhythm. These 5 sessions are going to provide you with a good refresh and revisit of the generative coaching process. You’ll see your competence getting into the muscles.

  • Refresh and practice regularly
  • Recording of all sessions
  • Save 10%


All taxes included where they apply.

7 Sessions

These practice sessions are consistently building up your competence and agility in generative coaching. This plan is fit for committed monthly practitioners who want to gain deep understanding, strength, and confidence—all within a safe and nurturing space of sharing.

  • Consistent monthly practice starting in February 2023 for 7 months
  • Be part of a community of generative coaches
  • Recording of all sessions
  • Save 15%


All taxes included where they apply.

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