Business Basecamp and Fully Generative present:


Synergy for female entrepreneurs

As an accomplished female entrepreneur of a small or medium enterprise, no one knows your need for support and for a community of like-minded entrepreneurs better than you.

Generative Minds is the Mastermind that supports you in your next sustainable business journey.

A Mastermind program that is as unique as you are

A 10-week online Mastermind program to help female entrepreneurs who want to grow their heart-based enterprises and themselves sustainably.


Carrying your vision forward

A special invitation to accelerate the impact. Starting from your sustainable business.

A Mastermind may be exactly what you need to amplify your impact.

If you have an established business that can truly bring change and help people, we believe that it’s fundamental to find ways to support yourself and your business to grow and thrive in a sustainable way. So that you can serve as many people as you can, while at the same time being able to create the life you want for yourself.

With Generative Minds, we want to support you to do just that.

The truth is that the way of doing business that relies only on a "hero" capacity of the entrepreneur doesn’t work in the complex and ever-changing contexts we are living in. In fact, it has the opposite effect, as it often brings unsustainable or short-term solutions, driven by survival needs, instead of innovative and creative outcomes, driven by a higher vision.

We believe female entrepreneurs can join forces to shortcut their way to impact and success.

"Synergy is the highest activity of life. It creates new untapped alternatives."

(Stephen Covey)

Your dream is in good hands

Generative Minds Program Features

Generative seat

This is where you will be in the spotlight, where the group focuses on you and the unique challenge you are facing.  All the group wisdom, experience, and knowledge will be in service of you to help you.

This is one of the most valuable parts of being in the Generative Minds Mastermind.

Accountability sessions

These meetings will run weekly to provide you with solid follow-up on your commitments. You set your SMART objectives and your Everest goals and the group and your mentors will keep you accountable to trusted progress and decision-making.


The masterclasses will offer you new concepts, tools, and practices to better manage both the inner work and the outer work for overcoming obstacles and achieving the Everest goals in your growing business. New leadership approach to stay connected to and bring forward your vision, mission and ambition.

A benefits alchemy that will fast-track your growth

Generative Minds is a way to tap into the collective intelligence, experience, and wisdom of fellow female entrepreneurs in a way that:

Brings more clarity to your purpose

Bringing clarity to your purpose will facilitate the path to realize and share your vision, mission, ambition, and role of your venture.

Helps you to overcome and transform your challenges

We’ll work to navigate the world of opportunity. There’s always room to transform obstacles and enrich the maps for your journey.

Keeps you accountable

Securing your roadmap toward your Everest goals will bring solid and confident trust in your dream and outcomes.

Improves significantly your resilience and creativity

We'll support you in your endeavor to create a successful and meaningful work-life and creative performance.

Generative Minds is a Mastermind Program that gets the most out of the resourceful and multiple perspectives of like-minded and accomplished female entrepreneurs.

A way toward the future of your business.


Who is the Generative Minds program for?

This mastermind program is for accomplished female entrepreneurs who want to expand their sustainable, heart-based businesses.

This program is intended for those who

  • are driven by high purpose
  • are looking to scale up their small- or medium-sized sustainable business
  • want to grow personally, and desire that their business supports the life they want to create for themselves
  • are curious and never stop learning and exploring possibilities
  • feel alone and overwhelmed by the complex challenges they are facing in their endeavor
  • find that their current sphere of influence doesn't offer the impact, the accountability, and the relationships they need to grow further
  • seek their “own village”, a group that goes after their dreams together

This program is NOT intended for those who

  • don’t care about people and the planet
  • are not aware of the importance of connection, collaboration, and inclusion
  • are not willing to do the work either in or outside the program
  • don't have a sense of common good and community, and are not willing to support and contribute to the group while being supported
  • think they don't need any type of help and can do everything themselves
  • are not interested in an international network
  • do not believe the change starts from themselves
  • are not engaged in personal development

Your Mastermind mentors and facilitators

Patricia Zeegers

Founder of Business Basecamp

The founder of BUSINESS BASECAMP, Patricia is dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses that support their local economies, provide employment, and through which they can increase their sphere of influence in their community. 

With 30+ years of experience in human resources, organizational design, team leadership, business planning, and business performance, she takes a pragmatic approach and embeds a culture of focus and accountability into the enterprises she works with. 

The people who know her best describe Patricia as results-oriented, pragmatic, competent, committed, and generous. She believes that societies thrive when entrepreneurs focus on more than their bottom line and deliver innovative and practical solutions to social and financial issues.


Alessandra Satta

Founder of Fully Generative

The founder of FULLY GENERATIVE, Alessandra is dedicated to facilitating leadership and collaboration in small and medium enterprises. She combines her experience in technological innovation within international and multidisciplinary teams, with her role as a trainer and certified coach in generative change, and facilitator of collective intelligence in groups and teams.

By implementing the most innovative methodologies to better address the collaborative needs of the enterprise of the future, she contributes to building a new mindset and capacity to unlock individual and collective potential.

She believes that we can create prosperity by implementing smarter, more creative, and more joyful ways to work together while creating impactful and meaningful change.lg


How do I apply for my seat?


Click the "APPLY" button and fill in the application form


Submit your application


You’ll receive notice of your acceptance status within a week of submitting your application


What online learning platforms will be used during the program?

We will mostly use ZOOM for the accountability meetings and the hot seat processes. The forum will be supported via a private Facebook group.

Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

There will be live sessions, like the hot seats, accountability meetings. The masterclasses will be pre-recorded so that you can watch them at your own pace. The Q&A sessions related to the masterclasses content will be live.

Is live participation required?

This is a Mastermind program, therefore live participation in the hot seats and accountability meetings is required. You will have the best experience of the program if you can participate also in the Q&A live sessions. However, you will have access to the recordings of the Q&A sessions in case you can’t always join them live.

Where do I have access to the recording and other downloadable content and assignments?

All the learning material and tools will be uploaded and accessible on the private Facebook group platform.

How small are the groups in the Hot seat process?

The groups are small, and highly interactive with max 5 entrepreneurs per session, to leverage the best experience and outcomes.

How many hours per week am I expected to dedicate to the program?

We expect a commitment of 3 hours per week to attend the mastermind events and preparation.

For any questions contact us here:

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